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The Presidency South Africa


The Presidency’s key role in the executive management and co-ordination of Government lies in its responsibility to organize governance. The office is responsible for the facilitation of an integrated
and co-ordinated approach to governance. This is being achieved through creative, cross-sectoral thinking on policy issues and the enhancement of the alignment of sectoral priorities with the national strategic policy framework and other Government priorities.

The Presidency comprises of five political principals: The President, who is the Head of State and Government, The Deputy President, who is the Leader of Government Business (in Parliament), the Minister of Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation as well as Administration, the Minister of Women, and the Deputy Minister for Planning, Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation.

The Cabinet Office provides administrative support to Cabinet.
It implements administrative systems and processes to ensure the overall optimal functioning of the Cabinet and its committees. It also facilitates the management of decision-making processes of the Cabinet and its Committees.

The Legal and Executive Services unit of The Presidency provides legal advice to The President, Deputy President, the Minister, as well as The Presidency as a whole, and is responsible for all litigation involving the political principals.

Interactive Brand Solutions Services

The Presidency is at the apex of government policies, priorities and programmes with a view to improving the quality of life of citizens by addressing the triple challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment through the implementation of the National Development Plan. The Presidency has identified services that can be strategically sourced and one of such services is digital media, which is a great vehicle for disseminating important news and messages.
The Presidency seeks to ensure a well-coordinated communications approach with all its publics by optimally using digital media platforms in an effort to better communicate the message of government and respond to issues within the communications environment.

Government is required to be up to date with technological innovations and be aware of how technology can be used to benefit the public. Communication campaigns must consider the most appropriate communication channels/methods for a particular audience. Digital
Media are used to inform and engage with the public on government programmes and policies. Government’s digital platforms include: websites, e publications, mobile apps and social media.

The strongest predictor of satisfaction in the Presidency is the degree to which constituents feel that their government cover provides information and delivers as they were led to believe. This proposal serves to demonstrate how The Presidency can engage with its various target audiences strategically through digital channels in order to deliver on promise.

In order to provide a comprehensive digital strategy, we conducted a digital audit for both the Presidency and as well as the public sector in general. With the aims to get insights on which practices are best for engaging with the local target audience online. 

Thereafter, we proposed campaigns which will lead to online community growth and engagement.


We created digital content to drive campaigns and build consumer generated content which typically leads to high engagement across all digital channels.

Our approach was to run two strategic campaigns which built awareness about the brand, grow engagement with the online community and lead to engagement or participation.


The competitive benchmarking audit helped us to measure the Presidency’s performance against other national departments and industry benchmarks. This also helped us to question the current modus operandi, adopt new practices, and develop innovative marketing strategies to ensure that the office remains relevant. 


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The Presidency South Africa

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