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The most effective learning content comes from working alongside our clients and addressing the needs specific to their organisation.

IBS works with you to design and produce engaging digital learning content to enhance learning experiences.
This includes notes, graphics, interactive activities, assessments, videos and animation.


IBS will assist you in distributing learning content through blended or purely digital learning channels, such as a custom learning management system (LMS), or mobile application.

Our learning technology includes tracking and reporting functionality to ensure your key business performance metrics are being measured and is accessible for management decision-making.



Vusi Mahlangu

Managing Director

Vusi Mahlangu is a seasoned and dynamic entrepreneur. His wealth of experience lies in over 17 years working in various business disciplines.

Having carved his earlier carrier in the brand communication discipline, then continued to gaining invaluable experience in various commercial and deal structuring roles including being part of highly successful SABC Group Sales and Marketing Teams. He also has wealth of experience in the Intellectual Capital Rights negotiation and commercialization. Having been part of the team that successfully negotiated SABC Sport “PSL broadcast Rights”, Cricket South Africa broadcast Rights to name but a few.

In the last 2 years Vusi has focused his attention and passion pioneering the Technology Enabling world of E learning. Fusing his past experience to developing unique digital learning concepts, using various digital tools, including animation and gamification, Vusi and his Team are leading the way in becoming fully fledged digital learning agency.



Justin Henning

Creative Director

Having refined his skills in a variety of media vocations from graphic design to video production, Justin has a unique ability to see the strategic implementation of each of these mediums as they relate to each other.

Using the 12 years of experience he gained in the production of over 70 episodes for 5 different TV shows and running strategic integrated campaigns for a number of fortune 500 companies, he set his focus on the education industry, hoping to develop materials that convey a simple and effective message for students.

Justin continues to write, produce, direct and design engaging materials being used by the giants of industry, banking and insurance.



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