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Our client, Marsh is a global leader in insurance broking and risk management, bringing global, national and industry specific solutions. They decided to re-assess their existing channel strategy in light of evolving market and consumer trends and engaged Interactive Brand Solutions to develop its digital marketing campaign using digital channels to engage with customers. The client had recently committed to achieving a superior digital customer experience in order to deepen relationships with existing customers and acquire new customers.

Thus, the bank required a bold, future-looking and integrated digital marketing strategy in order to create a competitive differentiation in the marketplace and to better align the ways in which it serves its customers.

The merger brings together Sizwe’s 46 900 membership with Hosmed’s 21 000, according to these membership numbers, the merged entity becomes the 8th largest medical scheme in the country with the fourth-highest solvency ratio of the top ten largest medical schemes. While brand awareness is high for both brands within the medical aid industry, it is relatively low amongst the end customers.

They rely on Interactive Brand Solutions for multiple services including strategic marketing, media buying and planning, leads generation and social media management.

Interactive Brand Solutions Services

  • No digital marketing strategy that was responsive to the new consumer banking market ecosystem they found themselves operating in.
  • Understanding of how to leverage new digital channel technologies to create an immersive consumer experience that differentiated them from their competitors in this highly competitive market
  • No brand awareness initiatives have been embarked upon on the digital space
  • Developed an enterprise-wide digital marketing strategy and integrated channel framework that addressed their need to engage with insurance brokers in a relationship-noteworthy way
  • Conducted market research and interviews to reveal keys trends and global leading practices, identifying winning characteristics of best-in-class digital organizations
  • Defined the future state vision for the Marsh’s digital channel, focused primarily on the end user experience
  • Developed a strategic digital marketing implementation roadmap
  • Developed digital media buying marketing plan (using personas, digital channel management and market segmentation) to provide clear focus and identify opportunities for the brand
  • Uncovered interactive digital platforms that allowed for customer engagement thus amplifying the marketing strategy
  • Established current state assessment of digital campaigns relative to competitors
  • Formulated an optimized future digital marketing strategy, roadmap and supporting existing group wide marketing tactics
  • Delivered a fit-for-purpose ‘brand experience framework’ as a utility for the digital team to help deliver initiatives that produce consist messaging and sustained brand presence

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