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Empowerfin Financial Services


Empowerfin Financial Services is a venerable fixture in the financial services world, offering investment management, retirement and insurance products and services to small-medium businesses and individuals. In 2013, they partnered with Interactive Brand Solutions to; transform its digital customer experiences to a significantly higher level, develop a streamlined funeral services plan joining experience, an integrated brand marketing campaign, and a leads generation drive.

The marketing plan was developed to launch the brand, market penetration, content and creative development and marketing campaign.

The merger brings together Sizwe’s 46 900 membership with Hosmed’s 21 000, according to these membership numbers, the merged entity becomes the 8th largest medical scheme in the country with the fourth-highest solvency ratio of the top ten largest medical schemes. While brand awareness is high for both brands within the medical aid industry, it is relatively low amongst the end customers.

They rely on Interactive Brand Solutions for multiple services including strategic marketing, media buying and planning, leads generation and social media management.

Interactive Brand Solutions Services

  • Creating a memorable brand campaign
  • Position the brand in a highly competitive market
  • Acquiring new customers through a strong leads’ generation plan
  • Addressing a difficult customer mindset that resists making sacrifices to achieve financial wellness
  • Conduct market research
  • Developed a market driven advertising and brand awareness strategy & design a leads generation tool
  • Utilized IBS’s Strategy & Operations capability to develop a brand awareness and marketing strategy, integrated across multiple threads of a broader marketing effort
  • Engaged world-class leads generation and tracker tool
  • Integrated a new Content Management and Concept Creative that enables a wealth of publishing, personalization, data analytics, social and other marketing elements
  • Delivered an integrated marketing and brand awareness campaign over the campaign duration and on budget
  • Designed and implemented the leads generation campaign that resulted in a 27% new member growth
  • Extended a new brand design system onto customer-facing dashboards and interactive tools
  • Built interactive tools can be built, measured & evolved for desktop, tablet and mobile devices

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Empowerfin Financial Services

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