Destiny Network is an international entertainment organization, created to assist artist to maximize their talents and giving them the opportunity to influence the Music and General Entertainment Industry.

Our goal and mission are to provide Artist with the greatest exposure around the world, create entertainment which is positive and inspiring and directed to building stronger communities.

We use our own Music and Video Distribution Platforms to spread the word and empower our Artist.

Destiny Network, now a division of SUPAView, is based in Jacksonville Florida USA, and has a long history of working with artist through contemporary urban music with overwhelming success.

Among some of our services is to provide consulting services to our clients, including public relations, A&R, Artist Development and Management, Booking and Promotion Services, International Distribution services and much more.

Though the SUPAView Cable Television and OTT via Satellite Platforms, Destiny Network will host its own Radio, Music and Television Channels to allow artist the freedom to get their creativity heard and seen, without the normal constraints that’s been keeping them back.

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