ABout us

The Founder of SUPAView was instrumental in delivering the largest educational project in South Africa, for which he also received the award as ICT Africa Achiever of the Year.

However, none of this type of initiatives has brought any meaningful change in the lives of our youth when the Digital Divide or like he calls it “The Digital Oppression and Discrimination of Young Minds through the withholding of digital Access to Technology” continues.

SUPAView is a deliberate intervention to break this “stronghold” and provide every learner irrespective if they live in a rural community or city with free access to all educational content without the use of Mobile Data and Internet.

No longer should a rural student, with No Access to any form of Connectivity be deprived of getting the same level of high educational content available those who live in the city and urban areas.

We are open to work with like-minded organizations and individuals who share the passion to change the face of South African Education beyond lip service and political agendas.


Our technology which Only uses a normal Satellite Dish and Set Top Box are able to receive any content in Africa.

It does not matter if that content is Live Television, Video on Demand, a PDF, Word or PowerPoint Document.


This content can be viewed on any device that is mobile enabled and can also be downloaded to that same devices if needed.


Our Home devices can connect between 5-20 devices in the home, each watching their own content, on their own channel without any buffering.



is playing its part to bring about meaningful change for millions of South Africa Youth.